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If you require support for a specific technical problem related to AACN E-Learning, you can contact our Help Desk anytime 24x7, even on holidays. Use our Help Desk to submit a request for support with technology issues like system failures, error messages, login failures, and web browser configurations.

Help Desk (LearnCenter users only)

Make sure your computer system meets the technical system requirements for AACN E-Learning before calling the Help Desk (if you're a LearnCenter user) because only systems which meet the requirements are supported by the Help Desk. If your system is not set up correctly, your E-Learning courses and tests will not function properly.

Please do not contact the Help Desk for non-technical issues because the Help Desk does not have access to customer-specific or product information. Instead you can contact a member of our customer support team for inquiries about product information specific to your unique needs or to assist you with advanced learning administration. They can help you with tasks like ordering additional end user licenses, renewing your site license, or changing a Site Manager. You can send an email to the customer support team or call them at 1-800-899-0573.

All nonLearnCenter (distribution partner) users, please contact your technical support team:

  • Healthstream/HLC Support - 1-800-521-0574 or email customer.service@healthstream.com, available 7am to 7pm Central M-F, except holidays
  • MC Strategies Support - 1-800-222-9570
  • Health Care Source Support (formerly NetLearning/Cengage) - call 1-877-284-4357 or email helpesk@netlearning.com
  • HCCS Support - call 1-516-478-4100 or email support@hccs.com, available M-F, 9am-6:30PM ET


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Outstanding LearnCenter Issues & Updates

Issue Date Posted Status Target Resolution
Please contact the Help Desk at the phone number listed above to inquire if we have identified a workaround for any of these outstanding issues or for an update.
Weekly Maintenance Window 01/2011

Oracle, the LearnCenter vendor, typically schedules their regular Maintenance Window every Thursday evening from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Pacific Time. There may or may not be a brief interruption of service during this time. This window is for routine system maintenance, if needed, and should not affect any of the functionality in the LearnCenter.

In addition, the maintenance window for the Essentials of Pediatric Critical Care Orientation (EPCCO) course is scheduled the first Saturday of each month from 6AM to 8AM CST, and delayed one week if it falls upon a holiday. This applies to the EPCCO courseware only, not to the EPCCO 2.0 tests or CNE (or any other curricula).
IE 10 & 11 Browsers Not Supported for AACN E-learning Courses 09/24/13 The LearnCenter doesn't support Internet Explorer (IE) v10 or 11 at this time. These versions of the IE browser don't track the courses (and tests) accurately. Oracle, the LearnCenter vendor, is working on a solution. In the meantime, you can switch to Firefox or Chrome browsers, or call the Help Desk at 1-800-714-2226 (AACN) for assistance setting up “compatibility mode” in IE 10 or 11 or switching you to another browser. TBD
Safari Browser Not Supported for AACN E-learning Courses 09/14/15 The LearnCenter e-learning courses don't work properly on Safari at this time. MAC system users (excluding remote devices) need to switch over to Firefox or Chrome browsers. Please call the Help Desk at 1-800-714-2226 (AACN) if you need assistance switching browsers. TBD
Pharmacology 2.0 Browser Support 12/01/14

IMPORTANT! AACN Accute and Critical Care Pharmacology 2.0 lessons are supported by Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer (IE) browsers (not Safari), but the Integrated Final Exam must be taken in IE for the score to display properly. This continues to be researched by AACN and the course developer, Elsevier for a resolution.

LearnCenter Firewall and/or Mail Relay configuration information 05/9/12 For your IT/IS team member: Please download the "AACN_LearnCenter_Data_Migration_Preparation_Guide" containing the instructions on how to configure your Firewall and/or Mail Relay. This may affect your LearnCenter users accessing their LearnCenter and receiving system emails. This is also useful information for new AACN E-Learning customers for users to receive emails. Ongoing
LearnCenter Firewall and/or Mail Relay configuration information 09/14/15
For your IT/IS team member: Please add the following two new IP addresses to the already existing list of IP addresses before 9/18. If your network has firewall or other access rules, you may need to revise the rules to whitelist the IP addresses associated with the LearnCenter’s new Oracle hardware platform, which are listed below.
aacn.learn.com (      
aacn.learn.taleo.net (
Note: Please do not disable the IP addresses you currently have for the LearnCenter; you should augment that list with the new addresses.
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