(08-Feb-2016) BROWSER INFORMATION! Internet Explorer 8+ (IE10 and IE11 in Compatibility Mode), and the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox are recommended. Safari 5.1x is supported (with Flash Player installed), otherwise MAC users must use Firefox or Chrome. Please contact the AACN E-Learning 24/7 HelpDesk if you need assistance changing browsers or applying the IE Compatibility mode. 1-800-714-2226.

(11-Aug-2016) Tips for ECCO 3.0 Learners:
  1. Please, if possible, avoid using a Wi-Fi connection when running ECCO 3.0 courses, as there is a possibility of your connection dropping and progress not being recorded due to several factors, including the amount of data being transferred, the richness of graphics, etc.
  2. Assignment Quizzes must be taken, but don’t have to be passed to gain access to the Module Conclusion and Exam.
  3. After taking a quiz or exam, use the Scorecard’s feedback links to review content areas you missed prior to your next attempt.

(16-Dec-2016) IMPORTANT MESSAGE for Chrome Users Only!: If you receive a 'Flash Disabled' error or similar message after launching a course, please click here to view the steps to re-enable Flash on our help page.

(31-May-2017) IMPORTANT MESSAGE for 'The Preceptor Challenge' Learners Only!: We are currently experiencing an issue when launching the course. We are working with our LMS vendor (Oracle) to identify and resolve the issue. We will update this page when the issue has been resolved. Thank you for your patience! - AACN TBL Tech Team

(2-July-2017) IMPORTANT NOTICE for 'Palliative' Learners Only!: The course has been retired, and CE expired on Saturday, 7/1/17 at 11:59pm PDT. This course is no longer available on your LearnCenter.

We apologize for the inconvenience!

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