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(13-May-2016) IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR ECCO 2.0 USERS ONLY: Access to the ECCO 2.0 modules and tests will expire on Sept 1, 2016, and your access to obtain ECCO 2.0 CNE will end on Sept 30, 2016. If you are still taking ECCO 2.0 modules, please complete your coursework by Sept 1, 2016, get approved for CNE, and receive your CNE by Sept 30, 2016. No extensions will be available!

(25-May-2016) Tips for ECCO 3.0 Learners:
  • Assignment Quizzes must be taken, but don’t have to be passed to gain access to the Module Conclusion and Exam.
  • After taking a quiz or exam, use the Scorecard’s feedback links to review content areas you missed prior to your next attempt.

(28-July-2016) IMPORTANT NOTICE!: There is a LearnCenter Systems Maintenance scheduled to occur Friday, July 29th, between 6pm PDT and 9pm PDT. Your LearnCenter may be intermittently unavailable during this 3-hour window. To avoid losing your course progress, please Log out prior to this timeframe. Thank you for your patience!

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